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Department of Anthropology

Dr M C Arunkumar

Designation Associate Professor
Social & Cultural Anthropology
Highest Degree Ph D (Manipur University)
Research Project
Research Paper

Brief Bio-sketch

Dr M C Arun got his Masters Degree From Rachi University in the year 1984 specialised in Social Anthropology after which he join completed Law in 1987 and Ph D in 1992 from Manipur University.

He is presently Serving Manipur University as an Associate Professor. He has Supervised two PhD Scholars and another six are currently under his Supervision.

Research Projects
  • Conducted research project: Care and Needs of PLWA: A Multi-Centre Study In India. Indian Council for Medical Research, New Delhi. 2004-2006.
  • Consultant researcher. Population Health Institute Project: Assessment of Situation and Response on Commercial Sex Workers in Manipur 2005.
  • Co-chief Investigator. Fostering Disability Inclusive HIV Programs in Manipur and Nagaland. 2006-2007. Funded by DFID Research and Learning Fund (with the Australian International Health Institute, University of Melbourne). Mentored research teams in Manipur and Nagaland.
  • Chief Investigator. Comparative Study of International Humanitarian Law and Chainarol, 2008-2009.
    Funded by International Committee of Red Cross, London (with Human Rights Alert, Imphal ).
  • Life Member of North East India History Association, Shillong.
  • Life member of INCAA.

Professional Development
  • 22-23 December 2003, participated workshop on Community Information Centres, Conducted by National Institute of Administrative Research
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, India, held at Imphal 4-10 November 2004.
  • Attended Creative Writers' Workshop, organized by Forum for Laboratory Theatre on June 2006.
  • Capacity building in research among people with disabilities. 8 days. Conducted by AIHI (Australian International Health Institute), University of Melbourne, in Imphal prior to commencement of DFID-funded research project (outlined below).
  • September-November 2008- Working at Australia International Health Institute, Melbourne on Inclusion of Disability in Health Services under Australia Leadership Award Fellowship.

  • Edited Family in Manipur, Manipur Association for Science and Society, Imphal, 1994.
  • The Chongthus of Manipur, Manipur Anthropological Association, Imphal, 2005 [The Chongthu is one of the "lesser tribes" of Manipur]
  • Peoples living with HIV, Akansha Publishers, New Delhi, 2008
  • Morrow M, Arunkumar MC, Pearce E & Dawson H Fostering disability-inclusive HIV/AIDS programs in Northeast India: a participatory study. AIHI, Project Orchid
  • A number of research articles, published in different International and national journals.
  • Lunghar 1987, a documentary film on the Seed sowing festival of the Tangkhul of Ukhrul District of Manipur. Telecast in DDK, Imphal.
  • Luwang-i Iruppa, 1989, a documentary film of Sekmai Ritual of dipping into water. Sekmai is a scheduled caste population.
  • Bol Bam in Manipur, a documentary film on Bol Bam festival. Telecast in DDK, Imphal [2003]
  • Manipuri Women through the Ages, 1994, a film on the changing faces of Manipuri women, AVRC production.
  • Meitei Women in the Informal Sector, 1995, a film on the women's involvement in the informal sector, AVRC production. Won Best Production Citation award in CEC-UGC festival.
  • Nupi Keithel, 1996, a film on the women's market of Manipur, CEC-AVRC production, Won the Best Production award CECUGC festival.
  • Life cycle of the Nepali Women, 1999, a film on the life cycle of Nepali women in Manipur, AVRC production.
  • Rise and Falls of Manoharsai, 2007, a film on the origin and transformation of performing art form of Monoharsai in Hindu Manipuri society, DDK North East Production
  • Kshetrimayum lbetombi Devi's Contribution to Manipuri Dance, 2007, a film on the life and works of Kshetrimayurn lbetombi Devi, National Awardee in dance. DDK North East Production.
  • Who is afraid of NK Sanajaoba? a play deconstructing the socio-political life of the Manipuri in the contemporary world, 2003
  • Rajarshee Bhagyachandra, a play deconstructing the political and cultural vision of King Rajarshee Bhagyachandra who ruled Manipur in the second half of the 18th century and composed the world-famous Classical Manipuri Dance. Staged by Banyan Repertory Theatre, Imphal, 2005.
  • Kumudini, a play deconstructing the social and political context of queen Kumudini of 19th century, 2007.
  • Ashalatagi Hakchang, a play depicting chaotic situation of contemporary Manipur and politics of human bodies, 2009.