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Department of Anthropology


Kh Manglembi Devi A study of the traditional subsistence patter of the kabuis and its relationship with the prehistoric cultures of manipur Prof W Nabakumar Singh 26.09.2008
Oinam Bhabini Devi Physique and Physiology of Rural and Urban Meitei Women of Manipur Dr S Jibonkumar Singh 23.08.2008
Maibam Monoranjan Singh Bio-Anthropological Study Among the Koirao of Manipur Dr S A Latif Shah 01.08.2008
Keisham Somarani Devi A Cross Sectional Study on Growh Among the Poumai Boys and Girls Dr T Shyamacharan Singh 14.12.2007
Maishnam Rustam Singh A Comparative study on some genetic markers among six populations of Manipur Dr T Shyamacharan Singh 14.12.2007
Heirangkhongjam Jibonkumar Growth and nutritional status of the Sekmai children, Manipur Dr T Shyamacharan Singh 30.10.2007
Mangsatabam Shyamchand Meitei A comparative study on dermatoglyphical variation between the Brahmin and Muslim of Manipur Dr S A Latif Shah 22.09.2007
Rangya Gachui Potters and pottery of Oinam Mao (Poumai) and Nungbi (Longpi) Tangkhul villages of Manipur : A study in the socio-cultural aspects Dr M C Arun 15.09.2007
Kshetrimayum Vedmani Devi Gastronomy and nutritional status of Tarao tribe of Manipur Prof K Saratchandra Singh 22.03.2007
Mayanglambam Manibabu Pottery of the Andros of Manipur : A study on Ethnoarchaeology Prof W Nabakumar Singh 20.04.2006
Haobijam Vokendro Singh Anthropo-genetic study of the Purum Tribe of Manipur Dr S Jibonkumar Singh 08.08.2005
Thiyam Rabikanta Singh A study on the kinship system of the Meitei Prof Ch Budhi Singh 19.07.2005
Lairenmayum Romeo Singh The Kom tribe of Manipur their demography, culture and bio-anthropology Prof K Saratchandra Singh 24.12.2004
Kangabam Ibetombi Devi The study of the socio-cultural life of the Gorkhas of Manipur Dr M C Arun 24.12.2004
Chand Anth Thangmi The Thangal (Koirao) tribe of Manipur : An ethnographic study Dr R K Ranjit Singh 05.07.2004
Yumnam Reena Human Biology of two district ethnic populations of a lake fishing Eco-niche of Manipur Prof K Saratchandra Singh 28.04.2004
Konsam Renu Devi The Kwatha Meitei : Their culture and demo-genetic study Dr T Shyamacharan Singh 12.04.2004
Naorem Dayabati Devi The Khurkhul people of Manipur : A dermatoglyphic study Dr Kh Sakhitombi Devi 12.04.2004
Thingujam Medhabati Devi Anthropometric and morpho genetical studies of Meitei newborns, Manipur Prof K Saratchandra Singh 15.03.2004
Hijam Sorojini Devi Anthropometry of the Meitei women athletes of Manipur Dr K Saratchandra Singh 24.12.2003
Khundrakpam Shanta Devi Family, marriage and kinship of the meiteis of Khurkhul : An anthropological study Dr R K Ranjit Singh 05.12.2003
Rajkumari Meena Variation in height, weight and food intake among Meitei families in a village of Manipur valley Prof K Saratchandra Singh 05.12.2003
N Mamta Devi A study on differential fertility of the Meitei and Sekmai women of Manipur Dr Kh Sakhitombi Devi 22.05.2002
Laishram Dibamani Singh Kinanthropometry of Meitei male adolescents of Manipur in relation to motor performance Dr L Rajendra Singh 30.04.2001
Ningthoujam Yaima Singh A study on the natural history of AIDS among the IDUs in Manipur with special reference to rish behaviours and biomedical aspects Prof K Saratchandra Singh 15.05.1999
Thounaojam Kanon Devi Variation of growth and development patterns between the girls of Sekmai and Meitei of northern Imphal valley Dr Kh Shakhitombi Devi 20.09.1997
Shajahan Sardar The Koirengs of Manipur: A study on their economy and development Dr W Nabakumar Singh 06.12.1996
Okram Kumar Singh Stone Age cultures of Manipur Dr L Rajendra Singh 14.06.1995
Rajkumar Sanatomba Singh A study of types and causes of crime in Manipur :Socio-legal medicine approach Dr K Saratchandra Singh 05.04.1995
Khuraijam Vimla Devi Women in Meitei society and culture – Anthropological case studies Dr W Nabakumar Singh 09.12.1994
Moirangthemcha Arunkumar Women’s crime in Manipur Dr Ch Budhi Singh 31.12.1992
Soibam Jibonkumar Singh Anthropo-genetical variations on the Meiteis of Manipur and Assam Dr K Saratchandra Singh 31.12.1992
Pukhrambam Inakhunbi Devi A study on the growth pattern of the Meitei and the Kabui Naga boys of Manipur Dr K Saratchandra Singh 31.12.1992
John Mao Manipuri : A cultural region Prof Ch Budhi Singh 29.10.1991
Md. Latif Shah Bio-Anthropology of the Muslims of Manipur Dr K Saratchandra Singh 08.01.1991
Mutum Bokul Singh The Tarao of Manipur (Social and Demographic change) Dr B M Mukherjee 10.09.1990
Haobam Borobabu Singh The early Meitei State and its formation (an ideological model) Dr Ch Budhi Singh 27.01.1989